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  • » Why should I hire a wedding planner?
  • Planning an entire wedding can be an overwhelming task even for the most organized. Juggling between planning your dream wedding and your day to day commitments can be a lot to handle and extremely stressful. While planning a wedding, the couple and their families often aren't able to fully enjoy the occasion. Hiring a wedding planner takes that burden off your shoulders so that the most important days of your life are as stress free as possible.

    A wedding planner will help you plan all your wedding functions, take care of your guests' requirements, manage the plethora of vendors and suppliers and ensure that all things are in order at the right times.
  • »  What does The Wedding Co. do?
  • The Wedding Co. is a team of wedding designers based in Mumbai, India. The Wedding Co. looks after each and every detail of wedding planning. We consult, plan, design and coordinate all areas of the wedding. We work with you right from Proposal planning to Honeymoon planning, Stationary selection, Managing appointments with Trousseau Designers, Venue suggestion, Event-day management and anything in between. The Wedding Co. aims to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone involved.
  • » Why should I hire The Wedding Co.?
  • The Wedding Co. is a premier wedding planning service provider based out of Mumbai, India. The Wedding Co. aims to maintain the true essence of traditional ceremonies, while at the same time adding modern and contemporary aesthetics. The Wedding Co. treats every wedding as it deserves to be treated,with a personal touch and utmost care. We believe that it is your day and it should turn out exactly how you’ve dreamt it to be.
  • » Does my dream wedding have to be expensive?
  • Not necessarily.The Wedding Co. aims to create/plan your dream wedding within your budget. We offer you various alternatives so that planning your dream wedding can be budget friendly. Our extensive vendor network helps you get the best possible deal, Always.

    At The Wedding Co., we understand that you've worked hard for your money and that every penny is important to you. That's why its also important for us to give you the best possible deal. There is now, no reason for your dreams to be out of reach.
  • » What services does The Wedding Co. provide?
  • The Wedding Co. helps you save time, money and most importantly hassle of dealing with small but important details.We look after everything from arrangements for Sangeet, Mehendi, Weddings, to Design and Décor, Accommodation of guests, Honeymoon planning etc. The Wedding Co. also specializes in providing Destination Wedding Planning Services and Themed Events. We also offer stand-alone wedding services. We will help you with any aspect of wedding planning that you desire. We also can design a package of wedding planning services around your specific needs.

    To learn more about the many services we offer, visit our Services page.
  • » Does The Wedding Co. cater to a specific religion?
  • Weddings over the last few years often have two different cultures coming together to form a strong bond. We here at The Wedding Co. seamlessly try to combine the traditions into one incredible and meaningful ceremony. The Wedding Co. caters to all religions. We understand that every religion has its own sets of rituals and other small nuances that need to be taken care of.
  • » At what stage should I hire a wedding planner?
  • The Wedding Co. will be happy to assist with any and all aspects of wedding planning. Ideally a wedding planner should be hired as soon as you decide to get married so that your wedding planner is as committed as you are at all stages. You decide how much or how little to involve us.
  • »  Why should I have a Theme Wedding?
  • Themes add elegance to an already extravagant and lavish celebration. A good theme can makes the wedding more memorable, special and unique. Theme Weddings are generally more complex to organize and often require professional help. Themes can add elements of fun and elegance to any celebration. It also helps bind together the various celebrations with related styles, decor and food. It can be as simple as choosing your favorite color for design and décor or a theme based on your favourite place in the world or that grandiose childhood fantasy you always had.

    The Wedding Co. specializes in creating Theme décor for various wedding functions. To read more about Theme Celebrations in detail, click here.
  • » What are Destination Weddings?
  • Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an exotic twist to their special occasion. Well executed Destination Weddings can not only be cost effective when compared to traditional weddings. They can also turn your wedding day into an unforgettable vacation for you and your guests.

    The Wedding Co. specializes in providing Destination Wedding planning services in India and abroad. To read more about Destination Weddings in detail, click here.
  • »  How does The Wedding Co. help me in organizing a Destination Wedding?
  • Destination Weddings can be difficult to organize and manage all by yourself. The Wedding Co. helps you plan and coordinate your destination wedding right from travel and accommodation to itinerary planning and guest management, in addition to all the other related wedding services.

    To read more about Destination Weddings in detail, click here.
  • »  How much of a say do I have in the final decision?
  • The Wedding Co. believes that it's your wedding and it should remain yours. Your wedding should be an extension of your likes, dislikes, preferences and lifestyle. We try to interpret your vision into an awe inspiring reality. The Wedding Co. offers you consultation at every stage so that when you decide, you decide knowing all the facts and all the angles.
  • »  Do I have an option to choose my own Photographer / Cinematographer?
  • At The Wedding Co., we believe that it is essential to capture your most important day in the best way possible through Photographs and Wedding Videos. All the efforts you put in to plan the perfect wedding can come to naught if the right emotions aren't captured for you to revisit in the days, months and years following them.

    We've tied up with a range of Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers for you to choose from. However, couples are free to choose from outside our panel as well. We're happy to work with whoever you choose. Click here to view our Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers